Il Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin

This collective exhibition took place at the Centre of Interest (Centrul de Interes) Contemporary Art Center, reflecting the artist's work during lockdown due to the recent worldwide pandemic. It was open to the public, from June to September 2020, for a limited number of visitors.
That is why, beyond its artistic-aesthetic merits, this exhibition is valuable, because it offers, through the subtle interpretation drawn from the Enlightenment, an opportunity to ponder on the ephemeral human condition, the value that lies in the simple things, the facing of life’s adversities, the dialects of good and evil.

Moreover, most of the work seem to depict the anxiety, emotions, findings or uncertainties that re-portrayed life during the first half of this year. All the same, my perception was also shaped by the new way of life and, as a result, I documented them accordingly. In this regard, there is a series of echoes I associate with the recent events: for instance, Andrei Ciurdarescu’s work entitled ‘Chaotic Garden’ seems to be the very cover of this project[…].
Calin Stegerean - artist & art critic

[…] Andrei Ciurdarescu’s work, agglutinates diversity in a distinct manner, making it coexist in the perimeter of the same garden. A true lushness fills the pictorial space restlessly, correlating the devouring excess of the vegetal world with the mediating power of culture.
Sorina Jecza – writer & editor

In this collective exhibition I had two works, one painting titled Chaotic Garden / 2020 - oil & acryl on canvas (160x140 cm)and one drawing titled Neomappa Ouessant / 2014 - watercolor on paper (120x100cm).

Project details

Centrul de Interes
Contemporary Art Center
Cluj-Napoca, Romania