JCE Biennale 2019-2020

    The JCE Biennale is a two-year odyssey through Europe, a cross-border discovery from east to west and from north to south between 7 partner countries: France (The Belfry, Paris), Denmark (Kunstbygningen, Vrå), Romania (Centrul de Interes, Cluj-Napoca), Latvia (Bruzi Complex, Cesis), Italy (Villa Mainona, Tremezzina), Spain (Museu Empordà, Figueres), Portugal (Museu Cardoso De Souza, Amarante).

    The municipality of Montrouge (Paris, France) has developed a cultural policy that established that "The Salon de Montrouge" to become for many years, a platform for young emerging artists in France. Since 2000, it has been extended with the JCE (Jeune Création Européenne / Young European Creation) Biennale, a project that aims to discover tomorrow’s talents across Europe.

    In Andrei Ciurdărescu’s paintings, nature lushly proliferates overlapping the stone paths where crumbling ancient sculptures and the hedges are modeled with a firm hand. With a carnal and tactile sort of painting, he reveals the traces of conflicts and injuries that both human and natural creations have endured over time. The busts of philosophers and Roman emperors are even more sensual when captured in the lustful abandonment of time: the seemingly incorruptible icons of an ancient world, continue to resist facing nature and are not yet obliterated and swallowed entirely by history. The artist presents a philosophical kind of painting that shows the anxieties of existence and the human desire to outlive ourselves, with archaeology as its testimony.
The works, mixed technique on wood - installed as 12 pieces (WxHxD) 195x300x12 mm

Project details

The Belfry(FR)
Centrul de Interes(RO)
Bruzi Complex (LV)
Villa Mainona (IT)
Museu Empordà (ES)
Museu Cardoso De Souza(PT)